What is AppsUsability.com?

Mobile technology and smartphones are winning the hearts and minds of individuals who are eager to purchase and use apps on their smartphones and tablet devices. The Apple iTunes appstore has over 800,000 apps that have been developed by individuals and companies. Did you know that over 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple AppStore, and $5 Billion has been paid to App Developers!

“Apps” (i.e. programs that run on mobile devices) are similar to software programs that run on personal computers. The purpose of using an app is to meet a certain need that performs a function or service on a mobile device. For example, the Camera app lets individuals take pictures. Other apps build on this foundation to provide additional functionality. For example, the Instagram app allows digital filters to be applied to pictures taken from the Camera app, and then share it with other users on social media sites such as Facebook. Apps are available in several categories such as Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Productivity, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, and Utilities.

App Development

App development requires knowledge of programming, and manufacturers have made available Software Development Kits (SDK) that allow programmers to create applications that run on mobile devices. Of course each manufacturer (such as Apple, Google) has it own SDK that has guidelines on how apps should be developed to maintain a consistent look and feel on the platform it is being used.

What determines success factors of one app over another? Why did Facebook pay $1 Billion to acquire Instagram? If you are an app developer, can you create the next Instagram? What is the formula for creating successful apps?

One common theme across all apps and mobile platforms is the concept of Usability and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Although details on these topics are provided on other pages of this website, the basic concept of Usability refers to the interaction of an individual with the technology interface. When using an app if the individual is able to seamlessly perform tasks based on the icons, graphics, gestures available on the screen then the app is said to exhibit good usability

Are you looking to design your next app that is based on scientific principles of HCI and Usability? If yes, then you need to hire someone to evaluate/critique/review the design flow and information architecture of your app. This website is intended to provide such a service so that you are successful in developing an effective app that will generate higher revenue compared to other apps in the same category.

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