About me

My name is Sunil Hazari and I have 20 years experience in the Information Technology area. I have managed projects and taught IT courses in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. AppsUsability.com is a consulting business based on my experience in this area, and the work I have previously done with individuals and organizations. In my full-time job I work as a professor at a state university. As a knowledge entrepreneur I like to maintain a balance between academia and business. This consulting business has been established to help app developers design optimized apps with excellent usability which can lead to increased revenue.


I will initially work with you to determine needs for your project. Then based on your requirements, I will conduct an extensive usability/human computer interface review of your app.

Based on my research, I have developed a proprietary model for evaluation. This is similar to Heuristic Evaluation which rates the app against a list of established criteria. My model includes criterion referenced evaluation as well as a qualitative walkthrough to determine how well it meets the human interface guidelines. The area of usability and human computer interaction is as much a science as it it an art. That is why you will find it draws from domains of computer science, sociology, psychology, and human factors engineering. The comprehensive report will include action items that you can use to develop or modify your project.

For other services not mentioned above, please use the Contact Form. I have 20 years experience in this area and based on my expertise if I feel I can meet your needs then I will work with you. You will find my services more reasonable than other companies that charge a quite a bit for their services. Remember that you will be working with someone who will provide you individual attention. My goal is to deliver excellent service and achieve client satisfaction. If you know someone who will benefit from this service, please feel free to refer them to http://appsusability.com