7 Essential Features to Consider when Designing College/University Branded Apps

Incoming students to colleges and universities today are probably the most connected students in terms of personally owned networked devices that give them 24×7 access to information. Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, and gaming apps are one click away, and are constantly being accessed by students either using their own data plans or wifi networks that are ubiquitous on college campuses. College branded mobile apps can provide tremendous opportunities to bring academic, administrative, and social functions under one mobile app umbrella. This article provides essential features that would most benefit the institution by engaging students in the institutional social network. Based on my experience as an educator for over 25 years in small and large universities, as well as review of research literature in the areas of usability, information technology, instruction, and administration, the following features are being recommended as essential for college and university apps. [click to continue…]


Mobile Apps for Senior Citizen Population

by admin on June 20, 2012

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Usability factors to consider when developing Apps for Senior Citizen Population

Senior citizens are increasingly becoming aware of technology around them and are exploring the tremendous opportunities offered on the Internet by using laptops, mobile phones, and tablet devices such as the iPad. Should app developers consider special needs of elderly population while designing apps? [click to continue…]


iOS6 Parental Control Feature

June 15, 2012

Best feature for parents in Apple iOS6 update   Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2012) was recently held in San Francisco. During this conference, which is only open to Apple OS App Developers, Apple announced over 200 new features in the update to its current iOS5.x operating system that runs on iOS devices (such […]

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Challenges facing mobile app usability testing

June 14, 2012

Challenges facing mobile app usability testing   Traditional usability testing, especially for technology related products and services, has mostly been done in laboratory settings because of convenience, resource availability, ease of data collection, and close monitoring of results. Some of the different types of usability testing are the use of focus groups, think aloud protocol, […]

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